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I’ll be riding shotgun

February 13, 2019

And now a respite from all the issues we deal with day to day. This weekend we went for another drive and as luck would have it, another exciting opportunity arose, so to speak. Did you know you have to sign up for the premium plan to download videos?  So we will see how this […]

Don’t Sex and Drive!

February 4, 2019

My current partner (yes partner, not affair partner, we are both single) is amazing!  She has a rating on the sexual desire scale that is equal to or greater than mine and that says a lot.  She is not afraid of trying new things.  Now she was no prude before we got together and had […]

Miss You Guys!!!

April 4, 2018

Wow!! Just checked out the old email and realized how long it has been since I last posted. And I hare that some of the old group has tried to log in and I did not know it. Ok.  Let’s try this again. I want updates.  Don’t make me come over there!! 2P

Horsing Around!!

July 4, 2013

Lot going on.  Haven’t posted in a while.  Like affairs, posting seems to burn hot but then sometimes burns out. My friend, KC, is into horses.  She loves them.  Rides them and from what I know, is pretty good. These are cutting horses and they compete all over.  KC had a competition in Mississippi and […]

Moving on….

June 5, 2013

Oh, I’ve known for a long time that things were over.  SM certainly seems happy.  Her wedding pictures are beautiful with her smiling and him crying. LOL– won’t comment there.  I’m sure they were tears of joy. Facebook posts of the honeymoon. And projects galore.  She just changed her profile picture to one of them […]

OK…. Now I get it!

June 3, 2013

Thought I’d set the tone early. May have told you.  SM was in an affair when we started.  I found out later she was with him when we went to a conference.  Glad I didn’t try to take things to another level then and go to her room!!! I’ve been called a lot of things […]

Don’t come knocking, if the trailer is rocking!

May 6, 2013

I’ve always wanted a travel trailer or RV. Could have gotten an RV but the Wife did not want it.  Something about hitting the road. Pulling up and camping out has always appealed to me. Saturday, the Wife had gone to check on our daughter.  I got a call from my friend, let’s call her […]


April 29, 2013

I’d posted this video before. Amazing song.  Amazing words. Amazing performance. I had gone over to my friends business Friday afternoon. Ok, I will admit.  We had talked quiet a bit. And texted.  We have literally been friends for 25 years. She even told me this week that her late husband had kidded that I […]

Ok…. this is officially weird!!!

April 23, 2013

When my first affair partner and I met, it was really like high school.  We went parking!!  Now we had actually done that in high school so maybe we knew what it would lead to.  But as we talked, then kissed– suddenly, she lifts up her shirt so we can get closer.  I must admit, […]

Petering out!

April 19, 2013

peter out Part of Speech: verb Definition: dwindle, decrease Synonyms: abate, come to nothing, die out, diminish, drain, ebb, evaporate, fade, fail, give out, lessen, pall, rebate, recede, run dry, run out, stop, taper off, wane Well, this pretty well sums up where I am.  Literally and figuratively. Seems many of our blogging buddies have […]