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Am I Way Too Good At Goodbyes?

January 8, 2019

When I travel, I’ll listen to music on the plane.  Heard this today and it got me to thinking.  Am I way too good at goodbyes? Now don’t get me wrong.  I did not want to say goodbye.  When you are in a relationship that lacks passion and passion is important to one partner, bad […]

Sex Addict

January 4, 2019

Starting the blog back led me to review my old posts.  I was amazed by how many involved sex (or lack thereof).  Well actually not amazed because I have always been a sexual person.  I was at one end of the sexual scale and the ex wife was at the other (maybe even off the […]


January 3, 2019

Now that I got your attention, I’ll try to quickly bring you up to date.  Better not to dwell on the past, rather look toward the future. After D Day (closed captions— Discovery Day) I moved out for about 3 months.  Now so the newbies get it, my AP’s (Affair Partner) husband found a bunch […]


January 1, 2019

Wow! Really?  It’s 2019???  No way. It was August 26, 2009, that I posted my first blog. Well, more of a “here I am– now what” kinda post.  I went over some of the old posts.  I was pretty prolific at times.  Pretty pitiful at times. And even pretty good at times. The folks that […]

Horsing Around!!

July 4, 2013

Lot going on.  Haven’t posted in a while.  Like affairs, posting seems to burn hot but then sometimes burns out. My friend, KC, is into horses.  She loves them.  Rides them and from what I know, is pretty good. These are cutting horses and they compete all over.  KC had a competition in Mississippi and […]

Moving on….

June 5, 2013

Oh, I’ve known for a long time that things were over.  SM certainly seems happy.  Her wedding pictures are beautiful with her smiling and him crying. LOL– won’t comment there.  I’m sure they were tears of joy. Facebook posts of the honeymoon. And projects galore.  She just changed her profile picture to one of them […]

OK…. Now I get it!

June 3, 2013

Thought I’d set the tone early. May have told you.  SM was in an affair when we started.  I found out later she was with him when we went to a conference.  Glad I didn’t try to take things to another level then and go to her room!!! I’ve been called a lot of things […]


May 8, 2013

Let me preface this by saying I have had a few margaritas but I have been thinking about this a while.  Guess the song explains where I’ve been. When you do all the emails and texts and calls when an affair begins, it seems like it will never stop. You can’t get enough. You talk for […]

Don’t come knocking, if the trailer is rocking!

May 6, 2013

I’ve always wanted a travel trailer or RV. Could have gotten an RV but the Wife did not want it.  Something about hitting the road. Pulling up and camping out has always appealed to me. Saturday, the Wife had gone to check on our daughter.  I got a call from my friend, let’s call her […]

She’s backkkkkk….

April 29, 2013

    No, I didn’t go to the wedding. Although I did go by and see where it was being held.  Yeah, I know, sick!!  Didn’t think I could handle it. There were a few Face  Book posts and pictures.  SM posted a couple of pictures from the cruise.  I really had no idea how […]