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Happiness. The choice is yours.

I chatted with a blogger friend today.  She used to wear me out!  Question what I was doing and was not shy about it.  What was interesting is that we shared a lot of common issues in our relationships and I think learned from each other and became close.

I love talking to her.  I think we share a unique bond.  She said we should not feel guilty or selfish for seeking happiness and that too often, those that stay in relationships (and even those that leave) are held as emotional hostages by their partner.

She said something very powerful today, ” “I’m glad you were brave enough to seek happiness!”

Maybe that sums up the quote above.  Deciding to seek happiness and walking thru that door requires bravery.  It is not easy. But as she pointed out, not doing that could mean a, “Sad and lonely existence”, even if you stay in the relationship.

I was distressed with some of the blogs I followed in the past  and by some I have now discovered.  Such a, “Sad and lonely existence”.

Be brave.  Walk through the door before it is shut.  Happiness may await.  It did for me.


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