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Don’t Sex and Drive!

Sexual Scale

My current partner (yes partner, not affair partner, we are both single) is amazing!  She has a rating on the sexual desire scale that is equal to or greater than mine and that says a lot.  She is not afraid of trying new things.  Now she was no prude before we got together and had enjoyed sex but we have set many firsts on the sexual side.

One occurred just the other night.  We had gone out of town, had a great dinner and were driving home after a long day.  I was a little worried I might get sleepy.  She was dozing in the passenger seat when I reached over to rub between her legs.  I could tell she was enjoying it.  After a little while she asked, “You trying to get in my pants?”  Well YES!

So she proceeded to pull down her pants and panties and leaned back.


We were on the interstate then.

She got off before we got off– the interstate.  And it wasn’t fake!  75 MPH!  Now that was a first!

After we got off the interstate, she decided to return the favor.  Not a first and certainly not the last!



Needless to say I was wide awake!  So maybe you should sex and drive!

We plan on doing it in the daylight next time.  Another first.  Hopefully, pics included.


Age is just a state of mind!

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