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Naughty by nature

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When I started this blog, I wondered what to call it.  I wanted to write about my life. What was happening and the reactions to things going on around me.  The issues that affect folks my age.  I consider myself a passionate person.  Passionate in many ways.  When my older brother retired, I remember him saying that he had nothing he was really passionate about.  Nothing excited him.  I did not want that.

So I named the site 2Passion’s Blog.

I think my search for passion led to the affairs.  If you do not get what you need in a relationship, you may very well look for it elsewhere.  Maybe innocently enough at first but it can (and did) lead to trouble.

My ex called me a sex maniac and said I should have married a whore.  By her definition, a whore was someone who enjoyed sex.  She was definitely not a whore.  But she drove me to look for someone who enjoyed sex and would actually participate.

I wondered here if I was a sex addict.  I think not, but I am naughty by nature.

At the end of my first blogs, I included an image.


It got me interested in photography.

The wife would have none of it.  We took some Polaroids, yeah that far back!  But she destroyed them.  And she looked great.  Just the one time. We were just married.  Never again.

My first affair partner sent me a picture. Pretty tame but it was the thought that counted!


I took a few pictures of my second affair partner.


The special person in my life now takes pictures!

thumbnail_B10 (1)

No wonder we get along so well!

Age is just a state of mind.  We definitely are enjoying our current state!

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