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Am I Way Too Good At Goodbyes?

When I travel, I’ll listen to music on the plane.  Heard this today and it got me to thinking.  Am I way too good at goodbyes?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I did not want to say goodbye.  When you are in a relationship that lacks passion and passion is important to one partner, bad things can happen. Both partners become unhappy.  You can simply settle or you can seek passion. Seek happiness.

I did not settle.  Was I too good at goodbyes?

My first affair started innocently enough.  Two old friends getting together.  Not sure either of us knew where it would evidently take us. We had passion and we we were happy when we were together.  We broke things off.  Would she have taken things even further?  We talked about it.  Was I too good at goodbyes?

Trying again with the ex wife. Nothing changes,  Affair number 2.  Really torrid. She was ready to be together.  Both thought seriously about it.  She got tired of waiting.  Got married. Was I too good at goodbyes?

Tried again with the ex.  Again, no changes.  So i decided after saying goodbye to 2 partners, it was time to say goodbye to an unhappy, passionless marriage.  Now I will admit, this was the hardest goodbye.  I did not want it. Did not want to do it to someone I had known for over 40 years, but I did not want to be the grumpy old man, regretting loves lost and choosing to settle for unhappiness.  If I hadn’t said goodbye there would have been other affairs and other hurt partners.  And other goodbyes.  Time to end the cycle.

I don’t think I’m good at goodbyes.  Every goodbye hurt because I cared for everyone involved.

Since the divorce, I am with an incredible lady.  Passion. Happiness.  No goodbyes!




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