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Now that I got your attention, I’ll try to quickly bring you up to date.  Better not to dwell on the past, rather look toward the future.

After D Day (closed captions— Discovery Day) I moved out for about 3 months.  Now so the newbies get it, my AP’s (Affair Partner) husband found a bunch of emails.  I still wonder if that was on purpose, but I digress.  I came back after the Wife asked me to– basically for appearances sake.  Small town. People talk. Hard to handle.  So the master enabler (me) moved back in.

We tried for a while but I knew it would never work and finally left again.  It took about a year to finalize the divorce and she finally signed on the last day before formal proceedings were to start.  She did not want it.  It was “my divorce”.

I shut down the blog during this time.  Evidence!!!  I was not sure she was going to consent to “my divorce” even though the terms were rather generous.  Neither of us were happy during this time and to stay together would have been a farce.  She wanted to stay together but for simply staying together’s sake.  We had been married a long time and she was comfortable with how we existed.  I was not.  People our age, married for so long just don’t get divorced.  Most just resign themselves to a passionless existence.  I’m trying to think of the right word.  Maybe it’s settle.  You simply settle in and settle for what your life is or isn’t. I was not willing to settle and hence the divorce.

During the separation and even after the divorce I was subjected to a lot of very bitter, nasty dare I say, vitriolic phone calls, texts and emails from the Wife.  I took them all for some time because in reality I did feel bad for her and bad for what I had to do.  I reminded her that if I was such an ass, why would she want me back?  She deserved to be happy and I was not doing a good job at that.  I deserved to be happy and wanted to find it.

Life is too short.  (You can quote me on that!)

I asked a  good friend if all our lady friends were mad and he said, “Yeah.  They hate you.”   I was about to say I don’t blame them and he interrupted, “No. They hate you because you proved it could be done.  We are all getting more sex than we have had for years. Thanks!”

Image result for divorce is final

So divorce was final.  Summer 2014.

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